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We make everyday crypto trading transparent, simple and
with your assets never having to leave your crypto exchange account.

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Easy to use

It takes only few minutes to register your account at one of the most trusted crypto exchanges, top it up with funds, connect with our system and we will trade for you. It is that easy!

How it works?

Tips for keeping your assets safe

  • We will never ask you for the public or private keys of your wallet.

  • Never transfer your assets to any 3rd party wallet/account.

  • Highwater guarantees your assets will never leave your account.

How it works?

Follow these five steps, we will do the rest for you.

A smart and secure way to invest in crypto

Highwater has developed a system that allows you to invest in Crypto Assets safely, transparently and with full control.

About Highwater system


We are disrupting the trading industry. Our pricing is no exception.

Do you want us to trade bigger quantities, over €4,000? Get in touch with us, we will prepare personalized ELITE package for you.

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Why us?

We are bringing the power of money back into your hands.


Assets never leave your account on crypto exchange.

  • Asset managers are not able to move your assets out and to another account.

  • Cooperation only with exchanges that are regulated and have good reputation, are compliant and perform Know-Your-Customer due diligence.

  • Enhanced Crybersecurity.


Personal access, overview of trades and account status.

  • No fine print and no hidden fees.

  • Zero exit fee and no early exit fees.

  • Your assets stay in your possession throughout the trading process, trading can be terminated at any time upon prior notification, no early exit fees.

  • You will always have complete power over your assets.


The funds are available to you 24/7.

  • Clients can use their assets, move them or trade them 24/7 along with the Highwater trading process.

  • Transfer of funds from a exchange account to a transaction account at any time.

  • Instant transfer of cryptocurrency from a crypto exchange account to a personal wallet.

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