What can you do with 50€ when it comes to investing in digital/cryptocurrencies?

Most people think that you need a lot of money to be able to invest, but is that really true? The short answer, of course, is no. You don’t need to start investing big sums of money, in fact, we would say that if you are new to investing that it would be best if you start with a smaller sum of money so you familiarize yourself with the market you are going to invest in.

Exchange limits

Exchanges have their limits to how small your deposit can be. One of the oldest and most renowned crypto exchanges Bitstamp has the smallest amount you can deposit on your account set to 50€ or 50$, but you can buy for less then 50€ worth of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. With that being said you can start participating with a very small amount of money to try out the market and see if you are comfortable with the price movement or volatility as commonly called among traders.

Asset managers

Most asset managers or institutions they work for are limited to the amount of how low your investment can be depending on the product they are selling. They vary but are usually in hundreds of or thousands of € or $. They are also locking your assets, so you can’t transparently see what’s actually happening with your investment. You are usually always bound to some period of time or you need to pay penalties if you take your assets out prior to the expiration date and so on. We do not try to say that entrusting asset managers with your funds is bad, we are saying that it could be very limiting and untransparent plus they might not allow you to invest a small amount of money. What that also deprives you of is that you learn first hand what it means to participate in the market and your understanding of the actual market. We will always encourage you to participate personally at least with some of your investments, so you can get a better and more educated view of the markets especially the crypto market.


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, investing can be done with a small amount of money and we encourage anyone who’s just starting out to start with a small amount, to test the market and see how well they can cope with volatility, gains, losses, emotions, etc. Solutions provided by Highwater are fixing most of the above-mentioned problems and frustrations that can come with investing in digital/crypto assets. We help you open an account on Bitstamp and you can start with just 50€ or 50$, we will even help you establish your long term portfolio even if you’re investing as little as 50€. If you are interested in our service of managing assets transparently with your assets never having to leave your account and being liquid, we have prepared a subscription model for small investments. You can find more on our web page about that : https://highwater.trading/


Digital/cryptocurrencies are a fairly new asset that you can invest in and you have probably heard of the potential that they hold. Below you will find a chart of gains for the oldest and biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Do not forget that previous gains do not guaranty new gains and that the market is unregulated and very volatile because of it being so small and other indicators. That doesn’t mean it will be that so in the future as  Bitcoin is showing strong signs of being a valuable store of value and transparent means of exchange, which could easily substitute current fiat money with many benefits. We are yet to see what will happen in the future, but we hope that the free market will win. Continue to educate yourself about investing and make a long term and well thought out investments. We will gladly help you with that!