Affiliate marketing is getting more and more popular as it allows anyone who participates to gain fair share and awards realization of the sales. That is beneficial for the company that supports the affiliate system as well as the users who use the affiliate system to promote the products or services of the company.

What is affiliate marketing?

It’s the process of earning income for promotion and selling someone else’s products or services. You get paid if you sell the product or service of someone.

Why is it so good?

For companies, it is a good tool to promote their products and it allows the company to measure real sales and the quality of that sales with greater ease as it’s only linked to a realization of the sales. It can also save companies a lot of money in the marketing and advertising that can’t be measured so well, like paid commercials that usually are not as efficient as the word of mouth of someone that has a personal relationship with a customer, in this case, affiliate marketer. For those who market or use the affiliate system, it is beneficial as it allows a transparent and good way to make money. They are also driven to provide good sales service as they are only paid by the realization of the sales, so it’s a win-win situation.

Is it a pyramid scheme?

The question that has to be answered is :

Is that a pyramid scheme? And the straightforward answer is, no it is not. That’s because you only get paid if the real purchase has been made and the product has been delivered. Meaning if service or product has been sold to a customer you get commission and no other way.

Different types of Affiliate systems

There are many different affiliate systems out there with very different approaches and shares. Some companies are prepared to share their profit from a sale in %, some in a set number, some companies will allow you to gain from second level commissions, meaning that you earn from a friend of a friend some will only allow one level, which means you only gain from the people you personally motivated to buy a product or a service.

Example of two lever affiliate systems :

You motivate a friend to buy the product you bought and you gain a commission from that sales and then you can gain a commission from a friend that your friend has motivated to buy the product as well. There can be even more than two levels, but that is more common for multi-level marketing.

How much you can gain?

It depends on the company’s products and services. Some services like online education platforms allow a lot of room for the commission to affiliates when on the other hand some products or services that require the time to be invested in certain people can leave a smaller space for affiliates. The commission can vary from a few % to up to 60 or even 70%, depending on the product or service as mentioned above.

Highwater affiliate system :

Highwater also decided to implement this system as it allows us to help people participate at two levels. Firstly gain from our management of funds as well as allow other people to participate and gain from their subscription to our services. It’s easy to use to spread the word as well as it allows our customers to mitigate their risks by earning extra commissions from recommending our services to others. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

More about our affiliate system you can read here: